Wow! What a Decade

As David approaches a landmark birthday, I am amazed at what he has accomplished over the past ten years. These attainments are not remarkable simply because he has autism. It is important to realize that autistic people have strengths, abilities, READ MORE

Full Circle

Hello! For those of you who don’t know us, it’s nice to meet you! Ours is an interesting story.  

David was diagnosed as autistic (in stages) at age two. With various therapies for half his life, combined with family support, READ MORE

The Blessings of Raising a Special Needs Child

There is so much misunderstanding and biased behavior toward persons with developmental disabilities. Not only do we parents take on the challenges of supporting our loved ones with the therapies, resources, and accommodations necessary to maximize their achievement and wellbeing, READ MORE

Asperger Miracles Book Cover

Lessons Learned That Changed Our Lives

A diagnosis—no matter what it is—effects the entire family and its dynamics, so working on everyone’s needs helps the outcomes of each member as well as the functioning unit. Co-ordinating all of this is monumental but is worth the effort. READ MORE

A “MUST-READ” as Unique as the Times

Just released! A wonderful book born from post-pandemic trepidation. 

During lockdown, it became apparent from conversations, news, and media that likely everyone was struggling with the stress of life and freedoms being snatched away. The unpredictability and uncertainty of the READ MORE

Back to Life!

We have been remiss in posting a blog for a while, but that is because we have been happily reintegrating into our new, old lives! 

Family reunions, graduation and wedding celebrations, trips to see out-of-town children, theatre involvement, and going READ MORE

Employment and Autism

I was impressed and gratified by a recent CBS 60 Minutes segment on “companies seeking out potential employees with autism.”* It is such an important topic to explore and consider, and the feature echoed many concepts we wrote about in READ MORE

Stimming in Autism

The term “stimming” is a shortened reference to self-stimulatory behaviors. Examples of these in autism include rocking, spinning, hand-flapping, tapping, vocal sounds, repeating words or phrases, and others. People without autism stim too! Are you a hair twirler, … READ MORE