Theatre Groups | Autism & Drama

While theater continues to gain attention (and research) for its potential benefits in autism, David needs no proof or convincing! An acting veteran since first grade, Dave shares over 20 life-changing ways that theatre contributed to his advancement, emotional fulfillment, and joy. Importantly, Dave reveals how theatre assisted his adaptation to the typical world, including the workplace.

David’s presentation on drama and autism is relevant to theatrical education AND production! It brings unique insights to several categories of theater enthusiasts (on and off stage):

  1. Persons actively involved in theater (or other performing arts) who seek to understand cast or crew members on the spectrum,
  2. Persons in the field of drama who are interested in how autism and theatre are mutually beneficial,
  3. Therapists in other professions (art therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, education, et cetera) who seek additional ideas for supplemental skill-building activities and social outlets for their clients/students with autism/Asperger’s, and
  4. Persons on the spectrum who are wondering about drama therapy and autism and if theatre participation might enhance their lives.

Invite David to present at your school of the arts, conservatory, theatre company, acting workshop, or multi-disciplinary therapy meeting/conference. You will be entertained and enlightened!