5 Years as an Autistic Teacher—5 Valuable Lessons

As I conclude this school year, I realize that I have been a teacher for five years! That time comes with many valuable realizations and lessons…not only about me as a teacher, but also as an autistic person.

Here are five important takeaways: one for each year in the classroom. 

  1. I need to just focus on me. Each teacher has his/her own distinct style. Just as colleagues should not question my methods, I should not question theirs if the overall objectives are being met. 
  2. Consistency is key. To have control of my classroom means following through and staying true to my words. 
  3. Every slip up is a learning opportunity, not career suicide. 
  4. Personal struggles can be great teaching tools. 
  5. What was once a concern now sets me apart from others in the best of ways. I feared my autism would inhibit me from becoming a teacher, but after being given a chance and proper mentorship, I feel that I have now joined the ranks of seasoned professionals. Through my experiences, I contribute valuable insights to students, parents, and teachers alike.  

In conclusion, I recognize that teachers are forever students.  

I will never be the perfect teacher, but I am, have been, and always will be the perfect learner. 

2 comments on “5 Years as an Autistic Teacher—5 Valuable Lessons

  1. As a friend of your father I have benefitted from learning about you and the challenges you have faced. I continue to be interested in your career.

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support, Dr. Sheldon! We are honored by your interest.

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